Any strategy has to fully integrate the activities of a company’s sales and marketing function, trade marks team, and the legal function, to ensure that it protects the brands in the first instance, monitors the markets to highlight attacks on it’s brands and then supports enforcement and legal redress against those responsible.

The vital addition to that team is a professional investigations team. A successful strategy will encompass professional investigators, trained in the legal gathering of source intelligence which they can develop into a professionally managed investigation. This will assist in the preparation of an evidence package in which a statutory agency has the confidence to proceed with an enforcement action.

You should make no mistake…counterfeiters and other organised criminals are professional in their approach and are serious players. They should be treated as a serious competitor for your market share. As you would with any other competitor you need robust, coordinated and professional approach to ensure you meet the challenge.

We bring 30+ years experience as professional investigators to assist you in developing your strategy and operational enforcement planning.

Corporate Security & Investigations

Securing your premises, people and property is everyone’s responsibility. As business leaders you may be looking to develop a robust strategy, develop policies and procedures, raise your employees awareness of security issues or investigate an issue. Read on to find out how we can help …..

Brand Protection

One of your company’s key assets is the value of your brands. This underpins your revenue stream for the future. Organised criminals ‘steal’ billions of dollars, euros and pounds by counterfeiting and smuggling. Read on to find out how we can assist you to protect your brands from illicit trade …..

Public sector

Many organisations now require skill sets only previously found in law enforcement. Professional management of investigations, which may on occasions include handling covert human intelligence sources (CHIS), requires specialist skills and expertise. Read on to find out how we can assist you …..