Anti-illicit Trade

Anti-illicit trade - Brand ProtectionYou have spent many years and often millions of dollars, pounds or euros developing and building brand equity. Why let criminals steal it by counterfeiting your brands or smuggling your genuine products from low excise markets to high excise markets and making huge profits whilst stealing your valuable market share. It is estimated that up to 10% of the global trade in some market sectors is illicit trade.

Companies selling products at a higher price in some markets than others (generally due to disparate excise levels) are targeted by organised crime syndicates as they present a high profit opportunity. This trade can be tackled.

Whether you prefer to manage a portfolio of service providers to undertake the work on your behalf or to handle it with an in-house team, we have significant experience and have achieved successful results directing resources utilising either strategy.

What is required is an integrated approach developing a robust strategy, active monitoring of markets and seizures and coordinated intelligence-led investigations working with law enforcement across the globe, supporting their enforcement programmes. With 30+ years experience in law enforcement and the corporate world we are uniquely placed to assist you in developing your strategy and the programmes underpinning it.