Brand Protection

Brand  Protection Strategy

A company’s brands are its lifeblood. Regardless of industry sector or geographic market, customers buy into brands. Brands differentiate the company’s products or services from those of it’s competitors and serve to communicate the values and characteristics the company hopes will appeal to the customer, build loyalty and with it, Brand Equity.

It is imperative, therefore, that companies protect the value of their brands from those who seek to ‘steal’ brand equity through counterfeiting, passing-off and grey market or smuggling activity.

In an ideal world, Customs, police and other law enforcement agencies worldwide would have limitless resources with which to investigate the ‘theft’ of recognised brands by organized criminals. However, we do not exist in an ideal world and law enforcement agencies are faced with many competing priorities.

It is therefore incumbent upon brand owners to work in partnership with statutory agencies to identify attacks on their brands, gather intelligence and evidence which will assist in securing a successful seizure of illicit goods and enforcement of a brand owners legal rights.